Brace Up?

”Keep a smile on your face, it is the best accessory you can ever wear, it reflects your confidence” a common saying heard by many of us. It is said that it only takes 7 seconds to give that first good impression and a smile is the one thing anybody notices in you first. And being self conscious of that beautiful smile, you are less likely to give that first good impression. Having crooked teeth had become major reasons behind those self conscious selfies. Don’t let those crooked teeth make you hide that beautiful smile of yours. Brace your teeth with braces and show the world that beautiful smile you have been hiding.  

Curious  to know  what braces are? How braces work on teeth? What are their types? Which type of braces you should use for your teeth?Are Braces painful? How much braces treatment costs in India? Let’s answer all your questions and help you to make an informed decision.

What are braces?

Braces are a gift given to us by our dental surgeons. It is a device which is used to straighten teeth, helps in alignment and positioning of the upper and lower jaw and improves the aesthetics of smiles and faces.

How braces work on teeth?

There are various components in braces that help in its functioning.

Metal band, Brackets, Archwires, Ligature, Elastic hooks and rubber bands.

So when all these components are put together, the archwire applies a constant pressure on the brackets which then leads to movement of teeth and helps in its positioning.

Are Braces Painful?

People planning to take Braces treatment are always curious and scared and they often question their dentist that are braces painful? But don’t worry braces never hurt during treatment, but after a few days some might feel a slight pain or difficulty in eating since it takes time for your teeth to adjust to such foreign changes and to settle into their new position. A little bit of soreness can be experienced during the initial days of treatment.

Types of Braces

What are my options?

Orthodontic treatment has prevailed from centuries now. The treatment process has seen many changes through years so does the design of braces. The methods and types of braces have also changed to improve the appearance of smiles and to keep in mind the preferences of patients. Check out the options below with their advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision.

Metal Braces are traditional bracket and wire braces. Nowadays coloured elastic modules or bands are used to enhance their appearance


  1. 1. Stronger bonding with tooth structure
  2. 2. Less prone to breakage
  3. 3. Less compliance issues as patients cannot remove it when they want
  4. 4. More affordable compared to other types


  1. 1. Poor aesthetics 
  2. 2. Problem with food lodgment
  3. 3. Cumbersome with proper brushing and cleaning
Ceramic Braces are tooth colored braces


  1. 1. Aesthetically appealing 
  2. 2. Less compliance issues as patients cannot remove them on their own 
  3. 3. Economical compared to higher end braces


  1. 1. Bonding with the tooth surface is not strong enough as compared to metal braces
  2. 2. High chances of breakage
  3. 3. Often leads to staining of bracket
  4. 4. Costly compared to metal braces
Lingual Braces are metal braces attached inside of the teeth


  1. 1. As they are placed behind the teeth they are unnoticeable.


  1. 1. As they are in direct contact with tongue it irritates the tongue making patient uncomfortable
  2. 2. Difficulty in cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene
  3. 3. Costly compared to Metal and Ceramic braces
Aligners are transparent or clear removable braces


  1. 1. Almost unnoticeable as they are clear
  2. 2. Removable so cleaning of teeth won’t be an issue


  1. 1. Cannot be used in certain orthodontic treatment
  2. 2. Patient compliance is vital, if not used as advised it is difficult to get desired results at right time
  3. 3. Expensive compared to metal or ceramic braces
  4. 4. Need regular cleaning

Cost of braces in India

Dental braces treatment  is a customised treatment plan, tailored just for you according to your treatment needs. So the ranges of the treatment may vary for different patients. 

  1. 1. Metal Braces Rs 18,000 – Rs. 35,000
  2. 2. Ceramic Braces Rs 30,000 – Rs. 50,000
  3. 3. Lingual Braces Rs  60,000 onwards
  4. 4. Aligners Rs  60,000 onwards

Duration of the Orthodontic treatment

The length or duration of braces treatment often vary from 12 months – 30 months or even longer depending on the patient’s age, severity of the case, patients cooperation and the amount of movement possible.

5 steps to successful orthodontic treatment

It is very important to follow your orthodontists’ instructions during your treatment to have a successful outcome and a beautiful smile. 

Following these 5 steps will help you achieve a beautiful smile and healthy teeth with less pain or discomfort.

  1. 1. Keep your teeth and braces clean

Use an orthodontic toothbrush, Amflor toothpaste and Amflor oral rinse, they help in preventing plaque buildup around your braces, protects your teeth from acid attack without staining your teeth and keeps your teeth healthy and happy.

2. Do not  miss your monthly appointment

It is very important to visit your orthodontist as scheduled. These appointments are the part of your different stages and phases of your orthodontic treatment.

3. Avoid food that may break your braces

Make sure you avoid eating hard, sticky, caramelised food . Slice fruits and vegetables in small pieces.

4. Follow instructions properly

Any instructions given by your doctor regarding fixed or removable appliances should be strictly adhered to.

5. Inform your doctor about any broken or loosened parts

If there are any broken or loosen parts of your braces, inform your dentist and schedule an earlier appointment with them. Bring the broken parts with you.