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Our Purpose


Our Vision

Amflor aspires to be a trusted partner during orthodontic treatment


Our Mission

Our aim into take orthodontic care beyond braces by provinding speciality oral care products required to maintain good oral hygiene while wearing braces.


Our History

Amflor aims to make people more self-confident and self aware. We believe in being natural in the products we create; this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Introductory About Amflor

Amflor is specifically formulated for people undergoing orthodontic treatment. The key ingredient in Amflor is Amine fluoride (Organic Fluoride).

It is in use since 1950

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    Amino fluorides produce the most powerful enrichment in fluoride of the enamel, even in low concentration.
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    The carious preventive action is due to fluoride on one side and to the anti-enzyme effect of the organic fraction on the other side and
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    Also by arresting the formation of dental plaque, as a result of the tensioactive properties.

The effect of Amine Fluoride


Rapid dispersion in oral cavity due to carrier function

Amflor aims to make people more self-confident and self aware. We believe in being natural in the products we create; this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


Amine Fluoride acts longer

Amine fluorides cover tooth surfaces with a homogeneous continuous layer, preventing rapid rinsing off by Saliva. Thus, they are available as active agent for longer time.


Amine Fluoride as surface active fluoride

Due to their surface activity, amine fluorides are rapidly dispersed in the oral cavity and wet all surfaces.

In contrast, inorganic fluorides has no target function, resulting in a random fluoride distribution in the oral cavity


Amine Fluoride has got target function

Amine Fluoride forms a homogeneous molecular layer and by transporting fluoride ions to appropriate sites.

In contrast, the counter ion (e.g. sodium) of inorganic fluorides has no target function.


Amine Fluoride forms thin CaF layer (1-2 µm) for long term protection against acid attack

The pH of applied fluoride solutions influences the amount of fluoride absorbed.

Only under weak acidic conditions the reaction between fluorides and dental enamel results in the absorption and long-term retention of fluoride ions.


Antibacterial and antiglycolytic efficacy

Amine fluoride inhibit the metabolic activity of bacteria, reduce their acid production and inhibit their growth. In contrast, counter ions of inorganic fluorides, such as sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate, only show an antibacterial effect at concentrations too high to be reached when using oral care products.


Amflor is available as toothpaste and oral rinse


Amflor Toothpaste

Available as 70g tube pack

Ingredients – Amine fluoride 1000 ppm ,Sorbitol, Purified water, Silica, Propylene glycol, Amine fluoride, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Titanium dioxide, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Flavour, Sodium saccharin, Sodium Hydroxide.

Start your day brushing with Amflor toothpaste


Available in 250ml & 450ml

Available as 250ml & 450ml in a bottle pack

Ingredients- Amine fluoride 480 ppm, Purified water, Sorbitol, Propylene glycol, Amine fluoride, Poloxamer, Polyoxyl 40 Hydrogenated castor oil, Sodium benzoate, Flavours, Sodium saccharin.
Colour: Ponceau 4R.


Rinse with 15ml undiluted Amflor after every meal

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